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About WholeTree Foundation

Launched on Oct 22, 2010, the WholeTree Foundation for Youth Wellness was founded as the family foundation of Yen-Lu & Yee Ling Chow, together with their beloved son Lawrance H Chow.

The mission of the WholeTree Foundation is to identify, initiate, partner worthwhile charity and social innovation projects to effect positive transformations in areas of youth and human wellness, including health and education, on a global scale.  We wish to orchestrate a holistic and socially conscious approach to creating awareness and catalyzing sustainable solutions to the society’s most vexing and challenging problems as they relate to youth wellness.

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iQube™: Accelerating Literacy and Education at the Base of the Pyramid by Riding the One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) Phenomenon

Computer-based interactive digital media technologies provide, for the first time in human history, a key ingredient missing so far in the educational system: personalized interactive learning, with consistency and scalability. And in places where the Internet is accessible, the computer is the gateway to the digital library of the world, and the catalyst for teacher and student dialogs beyond the walls of a single class or school.

Today, a major effort is being invested in the transformation of education, where learners are becoming active discoverers and builders of knowledge, with the computer playing a critical role in this transformation, including Computer-based Interactive Learning, Simulation and Exploration, Collaborative Learning, and Pedagogical Management.

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It is the mission of to create a new generation of Youth Wellness Network – bringing together both online communities and digital interactions, as well as offline communities and physical activities – by embracing and leveraging the principles of Collaborative Healthcare, and by deploying the latest in internet, social networking, virtual world, and artificial intelligence technologies.

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