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It is the mission of to create a new generation of Youth Wellness Network – bringing together both online communities and digital interactions, as well as offline communities and physical activities – by embracing and leveraging the principles of Collaborative Healthcare, and by deploying the latest in internet, social networking, virtual world, and artificial intelligence technologies.

A myriad of challenges await young people as they transit from adolescents to young adults. They face such challenges as academic pressures from higher levels of education, psychological pressures from the demands of a fast-changing society, social pressures of starting a career, family or having to deal with illness or death of a loved one.

Because of this, young people may be vulnerable to the onset of major mental health problems, including anxiety disorders, depression and psychosis.  Studies show that one in five young people has a mental health disorder.  The consequences of untreated mental health problems such as depression can often be quite serious and can include performing poorly at school and/or work, losing friends and family supports, substance abuse and a high risk of suicide.

Mental health problems can be treated and early intervention ensures good recovery. The first step is to recognize the warning signs and symptoms and get professional help.  There is increasing evidence that the early recognition and treatment of many mental illnesses can lead to substantial improvements in recovery and overall functioning. As a consequence, there is now a growing drive to identify mental illnesses at their earliest possible stage.

In addition to this emphasis on early detection, attention is also being focused on identifying young people who appear to be at ultra high risk of developing a mental illness. By assisting people who appear to be at increased risk we may be able to prevent the illness from occurring, or at least reduce its impact on the person’s life.

The Internet is increasingly viewed as a viable avenue to improve mental health literacy and help-seeking behavior amongst youths with mental health problems. Youths are frequent users of the internet- according to the results of a local survey, 98% of youths between 15 to 24 years old and 93% of young adults between 25 to 34 years old reported using the internet at least once in the preceding 12 months (Source: IDA). Studies have found that the general population viewed the Internet as the source they will most likely use to acquire mental health information. Studies have also found that a substantial proportion of individuals with mental health distress use the Internet as a source of mental health information. The popularity of Internet among youth with mental health problems has spurred the development of web-based psychological interventions.

Healthcare 2.0 – Collaborative Health Care

The advent of the Internet in mid 1995 enabled the collection and storage of a large and ever-expanding volume of information on the universe of medical experiences, conditions, and treatments.  However, most of this information was generalized, and didn’t readily convert into practical information for a typical patient.
Today, Web 2.0 puts the informed patient into a new context.  It enables a new model of medicine called “collaborative health care”, which would provide for a system that is cheaper, safer, and better than what exists today.  A key component of collaborative health care is user-generated content, just as new user-generated content is becoming an essential component in fields such as journalism, learning, science, and the media.  In the health care industry, Web 2.0 enables people to self-organize, contribute to the total sum of knowledge, share information, support each other, and become active in managing their own health.  As in learning – where students collaborate and learn from online material with teachers providing guidance – citizens will be active in researching their own health, share their experience with others, and consulting with health care professionals when necessary.  Because patients are engaged, they are managing their own health more effectively, reducing costs and improving outcomes.
Collaborative health care goes beyond being “patient-centric”.  Not only is collaborative health care focused on the patient; the patient co-creates health care and wellness, producing an outcome that is more evidence-based and cost-effective.  A growing number of doctors and health care professionals agree that collaborative health care is the way forward.  It’s an idea whose time has come. – Youth Wellness Network 2.0

The Innovation
The online network for,, is a new and innovative online 3D virtual world community and engagement platform for youth mental wellness, bringing together all the key stakeholders in youth mental wellness ecosystem – youth, parents, practitioners, medical experts, healers, and even spiritual gurus – to create a new, interactive, real-time and more sustainable solution to this increasingly prevalent and clear-and-present issue of youth mental wellness for the 21st century.

The Digital Personality
Each participant on is represented by a real-time 3D avatar with mood profile, powered by an artificial-intelligent (AI) personality.  Participates in this network communicate with each other in real-time, get access to mental health practitioners and healers using real-time chats and voice communications.  Thru AI personalities, users can reflect their “mood-of-the-moment” and seek help.  AI-powered personalities with expertise in psychology and spiritual healing will also be deployed to provide real-time “consultation” to those that seek help.  Users can customize their own 3D avatars according to their mood profile, emotional states and personal situations.

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The Digital Quest
In this virtual world, participants form teams to engage in real-time quests around the world to accomplish certain missions for humanity – missions to help others in need, missions to build sanctuaries and infrastructures for victims of natural disasters, missions to create new and better forms of government, systems of healthcare, methods of education – and in the process help bring it to a better place.  In these quests, members have to provide care and support to their teammates, and collaborate to succeed together.  Along the way, the team will come across a variety of difficult situations and scenarios – people drowning, child in danger, those dying of hunger, diseases, genocides – that will require the collective intelligence, compassion, charity, and selfless giving of the group, and even divine intervention – to help save the day. 

The Team Expedition

In addition to virtual quests, participants will also form teams to engage in team-oriented physical quests and activities in the local communities – whether it’s a visit to a old-folks home, engaging in a car-wash campaign for charitable causes, singing the Christmas Carol in a group chorus, joining a group yoga class for humanity, or participating in a basketball clinic for physical exercise and teamwork – aims to help youth to become more active members of the community, to become physically engaged thru team sports and learning activities, to contribute to the community welfare, and to seek meaning and purpose in life.  Body and mind are inextricably linked – a healthy and active body energizes and calms the mind; a clear and considerate mind is central to a creative and confident self, and a productive and purposeful life. 

And by using mobile video technologies and broadband connectivity, will tie together the offline communal expeditions and activities to the online digital network, providing a holistic platform to bring the youth wellness vision to its full reality.

It is the mission of to promote the universal ideals of genuine compassion, empathy, and caring for others, charity for those in greater needs, to be in service of others without expectations, and to strive for selflessness as a divine destiny – to bring one closer to the realization of the Higher Self – and the Divine. 

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